Upload your stems

Upload your stems

You can upload your stems with the following link – the form will ask your name and e-mail.


How to prepare the stems?

  1. Deactivate all effects on your master channel to have raw material. No compressor, limiter, equalizer, reverb, whatsoever.
  2. Make sure no track is clipping and you have at least -6 dB headroom (= turn the volume down)
  3. Label your tracks correctly (beat, guitar, bass, kick, snare, lead vocal, double, chorus, adlibs, etc.)
  4. Bounce each individual track from the same starting point to a lossless audio format (only .wav or .aiff) with a minimum of 44.1 kHz and 24 bit (Bonus point if 32 bit)). (Check your audio settings). Do not dither or normalize.
  5. Zip all tracks into one .zip or .rar. The name of the package should be “YourArtistName – YourSongTitle”.
  6. Include your own rough mixdown. Also you can add a text document (readme.txt), if you have some important notes or thoughts.
  7. If you need only Mastering, then I need at least – 4 dB headroom.

Revisions – What is next?

Usually in the next 24 hours I will reach out to you with a first revision. We will discuss if the general direction is right and what needs to be fine tuned. It will take several attempts to get the sound perfect.

You will get a personal link to a folder in which the song will be downloadable in uncompressed .wav format. The link will always be the same for future revisions.

When you are satisfied with the result and have paid the agreed price – you can use the result in any way you want. Please, give credit to maikaltmann.com.

Thank you very much.